Friday, March 11, 2011

A story of an old phone

My mom called. She ask me to bring my old phone when I back home tomorrow.
My old phone? Yeah, it is a very nostalgic old phone :')

I spoke with it.
I text with it.
I smiled with it.
I happy with it.
I charmed with it.
I mad with it.
I went crazy with it.
I suffered with it.
I cried with it.
I sad with it.
I'm in love with it.
I'm in relationship with it.
I broke up with it.


After I broke up 3 months ago I stopped using it.
Too much memories made me live in depression.
And now I've got a new phone, which describe my new 'white' life.
Now you know right why I choose white :)

I still haven't delete all the damn messages and the pictures.
I don't know why, but I can't, even I really want to do that.
Maybe after I give up the phone to someone else i'll be able to delete it.
Quite sure :]

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